The time commitments required from the elected members of the board of trustees is often in excess to the amount of time each member has available to dedicate to the effective management of the complex.
To this end, the property management function is often outsourced to third party managing agents who assist the board of trustees in daily management functions. Belmont Property Management has seen the need for a more professional approach to property management, one which adds value to the effective and efficient running of the complex. Therefore, we offer professional and constructive assistance with establishing and running the board of trustees. This includes the attendance of meetings, assistance with setting agendas, assistance with matters arising from meetings and the setting of annual budgets.


  • Utilisation of advanced systems to provide effective and efficient Financial Management
  • Timeous generation of monthly statements
  • Regular payments of amounts due
  • Effective arrears follow up
  • Monthly Reporting Packs
  • Preparation, liaison and finalisation with auditors


  • Management of levy collections, in conjunction with the trustees
  • Preparation and dispatch of monthly levy statements
  • Management of the Body Corporate account
  • Handling of all queries pertaining to the Body Corporate
  • Budget preparation – strategic direction for the Body Corporate
  • Management of all matters pertaining to payments of salaries to Body Corporate employees (e.g. UIF, PAYE, etc.)
  • Operation of a banking account of your choice, held in the name of the Body Corporate, and timeous settlement of suppliers
  • All matters pertaining to the annual general meeting
  • Advising on matters pertaining to the Sectional Title Act
  • Assisting the Body Corporate with insurance and maintenance matters
  • Professional, transparent and effective management
  • Supportive working partnership with the Body Corporate
  • Ethical resolution of any issues and disputes that may arise in the daily running of the complex
  • Always acting in the best interest of the Body Corporate
  • Storing of all minute books and related statutory documents